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Illustrated Flora of East Texas Online


In 2006, Austin College and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas released their second major collaborative flora.

The first volume covers ferns, gymnosperms, and monocots. Dicots will follow in Vol. 2 (ca. 2019) and Vol. 3 (ca. 2020). Geographic coverage is of 87 counties; a checklist of the known East Texas plants includes more than 3000 species. The introduction has discussions of geology and geological history, effects of glaciation on the vegetation, soils, settlement and presettlement history, and climate, and it presents extensive information on the Big Thicket and Caddo Lake areas. Also featured are a distribution map for each species, indices for selection of native species that attract birds, help to foresters in teaching bark, resin, fruit, and twig characteristics of the principal timber species, and a quick guide to the common poisonous and medicinal plants. 

This online presentation of the Illustrated Flora of East Texas, Volume 1 includes keys, descriptions, and illustrations for numerous species. They are all available here for free in PDF format. Extensive introductory materials, color photographs, appendices, glossary, literature cited, and an index can be accessed below - a total of over 1500 pages.

Volume 1 Contents

Introductory Material

Color Photographs

Taxonomic Keys & Treatments

Appendices & Glossary


Species List, Literature Cited, and Glossary

Volume One - Species List

Volume Two - Species List

Literature Cited

County Listing