Patricia Harrison

Senior Vice President, Director of Education

Tracy Friday

Director of the SEED School

Laura Northern Venhaus

Adult Education Manager

Jared Williams

Youth Education Manager

Kimberly Whitlock

Education Operations Manager

Cheryl Potemkin

Early Childhood Program Manager

Kat Goldin

School Program Manager & Special Collection Librarian

Cameron Barlow

Garden Program Specialist

Volunteer Opportunities

Nature and science rooted in the culture of community.  

The “GROW" collaborative between the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas offers meaningful experiences through education and volunteer opportunities that enrich personal growth and sustain our planet. For all who yearn to learn and grow, join us for innovative and engaging learning and volunteer service opportunities in a uniquely natural, but nearby location in the heart of the city. You, too, will be inspired to appreciate plants and sustain our planet.

Mission Statement: To provide meaningful experiences founded in education and community that engage and inspire people to appreciate plants and sustain our planet. 

Get back to your roots. Never stop GROWing! 

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