Kat Goldin

Educational Specialist & Special Collection Librarian

I grew up learning from others all-over-the-world as an Air Force child, studied Elementary Education, and just missed out from using a ditto machine to make copyies! I've been in the formal Education arena for over 25 years and have kept learning while teaching; earning a Masters in Analytical Teaching and another Masters in Library, Media and Information Sciences. I support children and teachers – learners, by willingly infusing, informing, inspiring, and innovating in all growth.

I am thrilled to be part of the BRIT team as an Educational Specialist.  In this role, I help to make learning inviting to students from kindergarten thru high school with field study trips.  I help to support teacher professional development with activities such as Teacher Tuesdays, Educator Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, a Mathematics Boot Camp (a 3-year series), and many custom learning experiences. Additionally, I am a Special Collection Librarian who supports curriculum needs and acquisition materials for 2 libraries at BRIT.

Being busy and loving my position at BRIT might make you think I'm a marathoner or once ran with the bulls in Pamplona, but that wouldn't be true. I am an individual who thrives at helping others and who surrounds myself with wonderful people who are unique, amazing, and creative. In saying that, I am married (forever and counting) and have two delightful, grown children (are kids really ever grown?), two cranky cats and a couple of adorably sweet dachshunds. When I am not at BRIT or having a grand time planning my next adventure, I enjoy a YA novel.

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