Aaron D. Pan, Ph.D.

    BRIT Research Associate

    Ph.D. in Geology/Paleobotany, Southern Methodist University
    B.A. in Creative Studies/Biology, University of California Santa Barbara

    Aaron Pan was born in San Francisco, California, and grew up in Amarillo, Texas. Aaron is the Executive Director of the Don Harrington Discovery Center, a science and technology center and museum, in Amarillo. Prior to his directorship, Aaron was the Curator of Science at the Fort Worth Museum of Science. In addition, he currently is a member of the Amarillo Botanical Garden’s board of Trustees and a research assistant professor at Southern Methodist University.  His research interests include (1) the evolutionary history, floristics, and paleoecology of Cenozoic tropical moist and wet forest ecosystems in Africa and Southeast Asia–Melanesia as interpreted from the fossil record, (2) angiosperm systematics and evolution, particularly in the Arecaceae, Fabaceae, Malvaceae sensu lato, Rutaceae, and Sapotaceae, and (3) deriving paleoclimate estimates from paleofloras using overlapping distribution analyses.

    Phone: 806.355.9547 Ext.101
    Fax: 806.355.5703
    E-Mail: apan@dhdc.org

    Aaron Pan