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President, Executive DirectorEdward Schneider, Ph.D. 817.335.8158

Senior Vice President of EducationPatricia Harrison 817.335.4372

Vice President of Finance & Operations, Elizabeth Edwards 817.546.8690   

Vice President of Advancement, Christie Eckler 817.332.6657

Vice President of ResearchPeter Fritsch, Ph.D. 817.546.1840

Executive Assistant, Connie Johnson 817.546.1843


Vice President of Research, Peter Fritsch, Ph.D 817.546.1840

Botanical Research AssistantHeather Bass x. 247

Director of Biodiversity Informatics, Jason Best 817.546.8697

Botanical Explorer & VDB CuratorDwayne Estes, Ph.D. 931.217.5430

Research BotanistKim Norton Taylor x. 256

Research Coordinator & Special Collections Librarian, Alyssa B. Young 817.546.1959

Biodiversity ExplorerSula Vanderplank, Ph.D. x.251


Director of the HerbariumPeter Fritsch, Ph.D. 817.546.1840

Collections ManagerTiana Rehman 817.546.1845

Digitization Coordinator: Texas Project, Joe Lippert x.221

BRIT Press

Director of BRIT Press, Leonhardt Chair of Texas BotanyBarney Lipscomb 817.332.7432  

Editor - BotanistBrooke Byerley Best, Ph.D. x. 225


Director of the Libraries and Research Public Engagement, Laura Northern Venhaus 817.546.1844


Senior Vice President of Education, Patricia Harrison 817.335.4372 

Director of BRIT SEED School, Teacher Education Specialist, Tracy Friday 817.546.8693

Education Specialist, Children & Families,  Pam Chamberlain x. 231

Early Childhood Specialist, Cheryl Potemkin x. 231

Education Specialist & Special Collection Librarian, Kathlene Goldin x. 251

Education Operations CoordinatorKimberly Whitlock 817.546.1958

Green Revolution

Green Revolution DirectorJared Williams x. 237

Public Engagement

Director of Volunteers & Public Engagement, Julie Donovan 817.546.1846    

Visitor Services CoordinatorHannah Kuhns x. 210   


Vice President of Advancement, Christie Eckler 817.332.6657

Director of Marketing & Public RelationsChris Chilton 817.546.8691

Director of Membership & Grants Coordinator, Tammie Crole 817.332.7518

Director of Corporate Relations & EventsSara Richardson 817.332.2748

Special Gift Officer, Cleve Lancaster 


Vice President of Finance & Administration, Elizabeth Edwards 817.546.8690

Programs Manager, Keri Barfield 817.546.1841

Facilities Manager, Greg Gunn 817.546.8692

Accounting & Human Resources Coordinator, Angie Peeples 817.546.1842

Maintenance Assistant, Robert Reyes x. 235

Operations and Research Assistant, Haley Rylander x. 238

Event and Rental Manager, Katherine Campbell x. 243

Research Associates

Resident Research Associate Grace Bascope

Resident Research Associate Denis Benjamin

Resident Research Associate Dan Caudle

Resident Research Associate Harold Keller

Resident Research Associate Robert J. O'Kennon

Research Associate Kyle Amato

Research Associate Philip Barbour

Research Associate James Beck

Research Associate Tory Bennett

Research Associate Bruce Benz

Research Associate Jeff Boutain

Research Associate Darrell Brandon

Research Associate Mason Brock

Research Associate Tony Burgess

Research Associate Gisella Cruz-Garcia

Research Associate Rob Denkhaus

Research Associate George Diggs

Research Associate Joseph Esin

Research Associate Aaron Floden

Research Associate Charles Gardner

Research Associate Will Godwin

Research Associate Becky Grimmer

Research Associate Raul Gutierrez

Research Associate Joe Hennen

Research Associate David Hopman

Research Associate Ethan Householder

Research Associate Brian Keener

Research Associate Chad King

Research Associate Wesley Knapp

Research Associate Robert Kral

Research Associate Glenn Kroh

Research Associate Dale A. Kruse

Research Associate Ronald Lance

Research Associate Norman Melvin

Research Associate Chris Mausert-Mooney

Research Associate Pete McCone

Research Associate Dan Moerman

Research Associate Ken Morgan

Research Associate Ashley Morris

Research Associate Angela Mummaw

Research Associate Virginie Oghittu-Raquet

Research Associate Aaron Pan

Research Associate Derick Poindexter

Research Associate Barron Rector

Research Associate Judy Redden

Research Associate Devin Rodgers

Research Associate Marnie Rout

Research Associate Myknee Sirikolo

Research Associate Joey Shaw

Research Associate John Staller

Research Associate Rebecca Swadek

Research Associate Pat Taylor

Research Associate Ralph Thompson

Research Associate Bishnu Twanabasu

Research Associate James Veteto

Research Associate Dean Williams

Research Associate Theo Witsell

Research Associate Brian Witte

Research Associate George Yatskievych

Education and Research Associate Molly Weinburgh


  • History
  • Our Campus
  • International Awards
  • Board
  • Staff
  • Rental
  • Online Media Room
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