Volunteer with the BRIT Research Program

Thank you for considering becoming a volunteer with the BRIT Research! We are always grateful for any and all help we receive from individuals like yourself! If you are interested in volunteering with us, please review the list of possible positions below and send us an email or  call if there is one that interests you.

Available Volunteer Positions (as of 05-Aug-2015)



Databasing (high priority) Reviewing higher education websites, gathering data on various botanical courses offered within the United States. This information will be used to identify gaps in botanical education. [computer-based; on-site or at home]
Georeferencing (high priority) Using various websites to determine the location of a collected plant. Knowledge of excel is ideal [computer-based; on-site or at home] ** Available Spring 2016
Video Production Currently, we have several videos of presentations captured that need to be edited and added to the BRIT YouTube channel. In the future, we do need help creating videos about several of the on-going research projects.  [computer-based; on-site or at home if you have access to editing software]
Observations and maintenance As you know our BRIT campus is a science experiment in action. We need help in documenting the changes that occur with this landscape.   [physical task, outdoors; on-site]
Slide scanning Transforming slides of research data into a digital format. This will require the usage of a slide scanner at BRIT. Entering information from the slide into a database. [computer-based; on-site]
Field Studies Researchers are constantly working on various projects that require their time in the field. At times, these individuals will need help conducting botanical and ecological surveys. These are available on a seasonal basis. [physical task; on-site; off-site]
Digitization Preparation We have received a grant to support the digitization of the Vanderbilt University herbarium collection at BRIT. We need help preparing the collection for our Digitization techs. This includes reviewing the specimens to insure they have labels as well as making any repairs needed. [on-site; working with specimens] ***High priority!


For more information

If you would like to be considered for one or more of the positions above , please email Julie Donovan at jdonovan@brit.org or call 817.546.1846. If you have questions about the various projects, please contact Alyssa B. Young at abyoung@brit.org.