The BRIT® Guide to Texas Range and Pasture Plants

    The mission of BRIT is to conserve our natural heritage by deepening our knowledge of the plant world and achieving public understanding of the value plants bring to life. We created this field guide to provide a valuable resource for those who strive to understand, study, use, protect, and appreciate key range and pasture plants of Texas. These plants have an impact on the economic well-being of our state's agricultural industries and the region's biodiversity. This guide is intended for anyone who has an interest in Texas range and pasture plants, including farmers, ranchers, and naturalists. 



    The Guide provides a listing and details of all 129 plants in the application. You can browse the plants by their common name or, on the iPads and Android tablets, by both common and scientific names. Each plant includes a detail page with information such as the common and scientific name, a pronunciation guide for the scientific name, a short description of the species including the growth season, native or non-native status, and the wildlife and grazing value. The field guide also includes an image of a herbarium specimen for each plant species as well as links to external resources with further details about each species.

    We've also included some features that are specifically intended for students throughout the state who participate in plant identification competitions, such as an Identification Quiz and Flashcards.

    Identification Quiz

    The Identification Quiz lets you test your knowledge of the plants by displaying an image of each plant and letting you select the common name for the plant. When you've completed the quiz, you get to see how well you identified each plant, and you can review each answer to help you further improve you identification skills.


    The Flashcard feature is similar to the Identification Quiz but, like traditional flash cards, lets you test your knowledge in a group setting by viewing each plant image and immediately checking your answers.


    The BRIT Guide to Texas Range and Pasture Plants is currently available for $1.99 as an Android app that can run on your Android phone or tablet. 

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    If you have questions, problems, or feedback about the mobile application, please e-mail us at

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