Quedensley Research

Quedensley Research

Cryptogams of Northwestern Missouri
Cryptogams (bryophytes and lichen-forming fungi) are diverse organisms that occupy most terrestrial ecosystems on the planet. Basic knowledge of species distributions is lacking in many regions and this project aims to inventory the cryptogams of Northwestern Missouri. 


Teloschistes chrysophthalmus
Teloschistes chrysophthalmus - Honey Creek Conservation Area
Climacium americanum
Climacium americanum - Wallace State Park

Monitoring Biodiversity and Habitat Management in Missouri Ozark Glade Ecosystems
Glade ecosystems in Missouri occur in the Ozarks on various geological substrates and are inhabited by diverse floral and faunal communities. These ecosystems are under severe negative pressures including fire suppression, invasive species, and human disturbances (e.g. ATV use). The diversity of reptiles, including birds, amphibians, and vascular plants are being used to asses the impacts of management and the aforementioned negative pressures on glade habitats. 


Eastern-collared lizard
Eastern-collared lizard - Igneous glade at Peck Ranch Conservation Area


Hawk Moth on Hedyotis nigricans
Hemaris sp. on Hedyotis nigricans - Gist Ranch Conservation Area

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Future Project
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