Event Date

October 25 - December 19, 2016


Art at BRIT

Program Information

Free to the public.

Point of Contact

Erin Starr White

Community Education Manager

Join BRIT for the final show of the 2016 season, Images of Nature by Dr. Denis Benjamin, Resident Research Associate at BRIT.  Dr. Benjamin, who joined BRIT two years ago to curate the fungal collection, is presenting over thirty watercolor paintings of flowers, fungi and other subjects from the natural world.

Benjamin, born in South Africa, emigrated to the USA in 1970. He practiced pediatric pathology at the children’s hospital in Seattle and later at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth. He became a hiker and mushroom enthusiast, spending much of his leisure time on the eastern slopes of the Cascades. Now retired from medical practice he devotes his energy to natural history and documenting the wildflowers and mushrooms with photography and watercolors. The latter was inspired by a workshop with the noted Russian botanical artist (Alexander - Sasha - Viazmensky). He is author of Mushrooms: Poisons and Panaceas (1995, WH Freeman and Co. NY, NY) and Musings of a Mushroom Hunter: A Natural History of Foraging(2010 Tembe Press, Cle Elum, WA). He now lives in Fort Worth and he is a member of the High Country Artists in Cle Elum, WA and the Society of Watercolor Artists in Fort Worth.

About Art at BRIT

Art at BRIT offers two distinctive art viewing spaces: the elegant Madeline R. Samples Exhibit Hall and the smaller, more intimate Upper Atrium Collections Gallery. The Samples Exhibit Hall showcases botanical art and artwork dealing with topics such as ecology, plants, sustainability, conservation, and the natural world – we highlight work by local and national artists, both well-known and emerging. The Upper Atrium Collections Gallery features a rotation of botanical and nature-based prints from our Library collection, including The Arader Natural History Collection of Art. We honor and celebrate the traditional roots of botanical art, while also expanding and redefining the field for the 21st century.

During this time, we have online exhibitions for you to learn from and enjoy. Please click on the links below.