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July 20, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


BRIT Reads Book Club (ZOOM)

Program Information

Time: Third Monday of each month, 12pm to 1pm

Room: Zoom

Book List for 2016-2020

Point of Contact

Brandy Watts

BRIT Librarian

"Like collage itself, The Paper Garden is carefully layered--part fascinating biography . . . part gripping memoir, . . . accompanied by dozens of vivid photo reproductions. Beautifully written and rendered." – “Maclean’s”

Artist Mary Granville Delany (1700-1788) bloomed in her 70’s, when she embarked on her life’s work- -creating 985 life-size botanical prints now held by the British Museum.  Some consider her the first mixed media collage artist because she employed paint, paper, and flower parts.  Nothing like it had been seen before. As she tracks the extraordinary life of Mary Delany, internationally acclaimed poet Molly Peacock weaves in delicate parallels in her own life and, in doing so, creates a profound and beautiful examination of the nature of creativity and art. This gorgeously designed book, featuring thirty-five full-color illustrations, is to be devoured as voraciously as one of the court dinners it describes.  

About BRIT Reads Book Club (ZOOM)

If you love to read and you're passionate about botany, natural history, sustainability, and other similar topics, then join us the third Monday of each month for the BRIT Reads Book Club. This informal group meets from noon - 1 pm in the Oak Conference Room at BRIT. Bring your lunch and bring a friend and come tell us what you thought about our book of the month. No time to read but still want to hear what people have to say about a particular book? No problem! We'd love to have you!