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    In a world of increasing demands for shrinking dollars, here are some ideas for gifts, memorials, or to celebrate an event.  Give of yourself, become a volunteer. It is a priceless gift that only you can give.


    Reference books for research or interest reading

    • Species or genus book - US$75 - 100.00
    • Flora of a specific area - US$25 - 75.00
      • Gardening or horticultural emphasis - US$25 - 50.0
      • Journal subscription - US$35 - 300.00


    The Botanist's Repository, for New, and Rare Plants.

    Price: $35,652.30 US

    London: Printed by T. Bensley, and published by the author 1797-1815.  10 vols, 664 plates, color-printed and finished by hand. Andrews' monumental work is an early example of color printing and the first printed representation of many exotic species.

    Feddes Repertorium.

    Price: $900 - 1,100.00 US per volume

    Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1910-1966. One of the world’s leading publications in the theory and practice of botanical taxonomy and geobotany. Harvard University, Gray Herbarium Staff.


    Curtis's Botanical Magazine.

    Price: $1,000 - 1,200.00 US

    Vol. 63 (Plate 3942) contains the first scientific description of the Texas Bluebonnet and is illustrated with a beautiful hand colored print. London: Samuel Curtis, 1836.

    Gray Herbarium Index

    Price: U$1,149 - 1,585.00 US

    MacMillan Publishing Company (ISBN  0816115400), published August 1988. 


    Restoration Sponsorship:

    • Book requiring major repair and preservation - $125 - 200.00 US
    • Book requiring minor repair - $75 - 125.00 US
    • Book wanting protective preservation - $25 - 75.00 US