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Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas, volume 12, number 2  (issn 1934-5259)
Publication date: 20 Nov 2018
Copyright (c) 2018 Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Table of Contents

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The Lomatium grayi complex (Apiaceae) of the western United States: A taxonomic revision based on morphometric, essential oil composition, and larva-host coevolution studies
Jason Andrew Alexander, Wayne Whaley, and Natalie Blain—387

New combination in Anthenantia (Poaceae: Panicoideae)
Joseph K. Wipff and Robert B. Shaw—445

A new species of Potamogeton (Potamogetonaceae) from the unique habitat: Montezuma Well, Arizona, U.S.A.
Jon M. Ricketson, Glenda M. Ricketson, and Tina L. Greenawalt—447

New combinations, rank changes, and nomenclatural and taxonomic comments in the vascular flora of the southeastern United States. IV
Alan S. Weakley, Bruce A. Sorrie, Richard J. LeBlond, Derick B. Poindexter, Aaron J. Floden, Edward E. Schilling, Alan R. Franck, and John C. Kees—461

Phylogenetic relationships of the Mexican tussilaginoid genera (Asteraceae: Senecioneae)
Taylor S. Quedensley, Michael Gruenstaeudl, and Robert K. Jansen—481

Styrax paulhousei (Styracaceae), a new species from Honduras
Peter W. Fritsch, Caroline Whitefoord, and Daniel L. Kelly—499

Phaseolus angucianae (Leguminosae: Phaseoleae), a new bean species from Fila Cruces of southeastern Costa Rica
D.G. Debouck, R. Araya-Villalobos, and N. Chaves-Barrantes—507

Taxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Miconia crenata and related species (Melastomataceae: Miconieae) in the Greater Antilles
Walter S. Judd, Gretchen M. Ionta, Lucas C. Majure, and Fabián A. Michelangeli—521

Taxonomic studies in the Miconieae (Melastomataceae). XIV. Species of Miconia section Sagraea that occur in the Greater Antilles and additionally in the Lesser Antilles and/or continental regions
Walter S. Judd, Gretchen M. Ionta, and Lucas C. Majure—531

Paradrymonia badia (Gesneriaceae), a new species from the Guiana Shield
Christian Feuillet, Laurence E. Skog, and Denis Barabé—549

Trema domingensis rises like a phoenix from the ashes of Trema integerrima: A reassessment of the entire-leaved species of Neotropical Trema (Cannabaceae)
Nancy C. Garwood, Kristina Jordan, Nicholas D. Flowers, Aelys M. Humphreys, Stephen J. Russell, and Kurt M. Neubig—555

A taxonomic revision of taxa in Styrax series Cyrta (Styracaceae) with valvate corollas
Gary Li and Peter W. Fritsch—579


Setitheca lativalva gen. et sp. nov., a fossil flower of Laurales from mid-Cretaceous Myanmar amber
George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers—643

Fossil flowers of Lachnociona camptostylus sp. nov., a second record for the genus in mid-Cretaceous Myanmar amber
George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers—655


Petiole length in Boerhavia (Nyctaginaceae) approximates the Golden Ratio Φ
Justin K. Williams—667


A lost Caribbean mistletoe rediscovered: New record for Antidaphne wrightii (Santalaceae) in Puerto Rico
Marcos A. Caraballo-Ortiz and Alcides L. Morales-Pérez—683

A multiyear qualitative study of an isolated inland population of salt heliotrope (Heliotropium curassavicum var. curassavicum, Boraginaceae) in Arkansas, U.S.A.
Renn Tumlison and Brett Serviss—689

The vascular flora of coastal Indian clam shell middens in South Carolina, U.S.A.
Richard Stalter, John Baden, Chester DePratter, and Paul Kenny—697

Noteworthy collection of Cypripedium reginae (Orchidaceae) in Tennessee, U.S.A.
Cooper Breeden—707

Arctium minus (Asteraceae): Historical review, ecological consequences, and addition to Texas flora
Jeffrey N. Mink, Walter C. Holmes, Jason R. Singhurst, and Amie Treuer-Kuehn—713

The vascular flora and plant communities of Lawther - Deer Park Prairie, Harris County, Texas, U.S.A.
Jason R. Singhurst, Jeffrey N. Mink, Katy Emde, Lan Shen, Don Verser, and Walter C. Holmes—721

INDEX to new names and new combinations in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 12(2), 2018

  • Anthenantia villosa var. texana (Kral) J.K. Wipff & R.B. Shaw, comb. et stat. nov.—445
  • Lachnociona camptostylus Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—659
  • Lomatium depauperatum (M.E. Jones) J.A. Alexander & W. Whaley, comb. nov.—406
  • Lomatium klickitatense J.A. Alexander & W. Whaley, sp. nov.—408
  • Lomatium papilioniferum J.A. Alexander & W. Whaley, sp. nov.—411
  • Miconia berteroi (DC.) Judd & Ionta, comb. nov.—534
  • Miconia dependens (D. Don) Judd & Majure, comb. nov.—526
  • Miconia erythropogon (DC.) Judd & Ionta, comb. nov.—524
  • Miconia guadalupensis (DC.) Judd, Ionta, & Majure, comb. nov.—542, 543
  • Miconia octona (Bonpl.) Judd & Majure, comb. nov.—526
  • Miconia sciaphila Judd & Ionta, nom. nov.—538
  • Miconia septuplinervia (Cogn.) Judd & Ionta, comb. nov.—543
  • Miconia strigillosa (Sw.) Judd & Ionta, comb. nov.—526
  • Oenothera unguiculata (Fernald) Sorrie, LeBlond, & Weakley, comb. et stat. nov.—473
  • Paradrymonia badia Feuillet, L.E. Skog, & Barabé, sp. nov.—550
  • Phaseolus angucianae Debouck & Araya, sp. nov.—508
  • Potamogeton montezumawellensis Ricketson, G. Ricketson, & Greenawalt, sp. nov.—451
  • Rhynchospora angusta (Gale) Sorrie, LeBlond, & Weakley, comb. et stat. nov.—464
  • Setitheca Poinar & K.L. Chambers, gen. nov.—646
  • Setitheca lativalva Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—646
  • Styrax paulhousei P.W. Fritsch & D.L. Kelly, sp. nov.—500
  • Trillidium undulatum (Willd.) Floden & Schilling, comb. nov.—477

INDEX to Volume 2, Numbers 1 & 2

Reviewers, Titles, Authors, Botanical Names & Subjects 



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