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Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas, volume 13, number 2  (issn 1934-5259)
Publication date: 31 Oct 2019
Copyright (c) 2019 Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Table of Contents

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A new iridescent corticolous myxomycete species (Licea: Liceaceae: Liceales) and crystals on American elm tree bark in Texas, U.S.A.  [Open Access]
Harold W. Keller and Vanessa M. Marshall367

Miconia elaeagnoides: A morphologically distinctive species within the Caribbean clade of Miconia (Melastomataceae: Miconieae [Open Access]
Walter S. Judd and Lucas C. Majure387

Typification in and contributions to a revision of Psammisia (Ericaceae: Vaccinieae)
James L. Luteyn397


Strombothelya gen. nov., a fossil angiosperm with two species in mid-Cretaceous Myanmar amber
George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers451

Tropidogyne lobodisca sp. nov., a third species of the genus from mid-Cretaceous Myanmar amber
George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers461

Zygadelphus aetheus gen. et sp. nov., an unusual fossil flower from mid-Cretaceous Myanmar amber
George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers467

Exalloanthum, a new name for a fossil angiosperm flower in Myanmar amber
George O. Poinar, Jr.475


What are the “sticky rings” on stems of Anulocaulis and related taxa (Nyctaginaceae) from arid regions?
Israel Lopes da Cunha Neto, Veronica Angyalossy, and Norman A. Douglas477


La familia Schlegeliaceae en el occidente de México
Ramón Cuevas Guzmán, Enrique V. Sánchez Rodríguez, Ana P. del Castillo Batista, José Gpe. Morales Arias, Nora M. Núñez López, & Saúl Moreno Gómez487

Claytonia perfoliata (Montiaceae) newly reported in Arkansas, U.S.A. [Open Access]
Adam C. Schneider495

A floristic inventory of the Holmes Avenue Tract (Highlands County), Florida, U.S.A. [Open Access]
George J. Wilder, Jean M. McCollom, and Nancy J. Bissett499

Floristic survey of vascular plants in Crawford and Cherokee counties in southeastern Kansas, U.S.A. [Open Access]
Samantha Young Pryer, Neil Snow, and John Kartesz—545


Erratum: Musineon glaucescens (Apiaceae), a new species from central Montana, U.S.A.
Peter Lesica593


In Memoriam: Neil Arthur Harriman (1 August 1938–7 December 2018)
Colleagues and Friends of Neil Harriman—595

In Memoriam: Donald Lavern Hazlett (3 September 1949–5 January 2019)
Marta E. Hazlett—599


Reviewers for Volume 13 (2019)—601


INDEX to new names and new combinations in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 13(2), 2019

  • Exalloanthum Poinar, nom. nov.—475
  • Exalloanthum burmense Poinar, comb. nov.—475
  • Licea iridescens H.W. Keller & V.M. Marshall, sp. nov.—377
  • Psammisia costeroides (Sleumer) Luteyn, comb. nov.—424
  • Strombothelya Poinar & K.L. Chambers, gen. nov.—452
  • Strombothelya grammogyna Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—454
  • Strombothelya monostyla Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—452
  • Tropidogyne lobodisca Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—462
  • Zygadelphus Poinar & K.L. Chambers, gen. nov.—468
  • Zygadelphus aetheus Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—468



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