GROWTH Partners

GROWTH Partners


What is the GROWTH Partnership?

The GROWTH Partnership is a wonderful resource for Agents (current and alumni) and the Green Revolution program. The Partnership is a professional networking community and think-tank that creates opportunities for:

  • Professional-to-Agent mentoring
  • Agent exposure to real-world careers
  • Agent internships/volunteering
  • Organizations and community members to collaborate on growing communities through Green Revolution collective impact projects

Partnership Levels

  • Nexus - Partners who offer program support for achieving Agent and community GROWTH
  • Scholarship - Partners from academic institutions
  • Stewardship - Partners representing organizations committed to environmental conservation
  • Service - Partners that provide services and community service opportunities to the program

Our Partners

Nexus Level

Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Rainwater Charitable Foundation
Tx P&W
Texas Parks & Wildlife

Scholarship Level

  • Dr. Glenn Nolly, University of Texas
  • Dr. Molly Weinburgh, TCU College of EducationTCU Community Scholars
  • TCU Ranch Management
  • TCU School of Geology, Energy, & the Environment
  • Timeka Gordon, TCU Inclusiveness & Intercultural Services, TCU Community Scholars

Stewardship Level

  • Asciatu Whiteside, DFW International Airport Environmental Affairs Department
  • Dr. Chris Farley, TCU Ranch Management
  • Ed Simon, DFW International Airport Environmental Affairs Department
  • Esther Chitsinde, DFW International Airport Environmental Affairs Department
  • Grace Bascope, Botanical Research Institute of Texas
  • John Shepperd, Texas Foundation for Conservation
  • John Taggart, Taggart Ranch
  • The Dixon Water Foundation

Service Level

  • Camp Fire First Texas
  • Cedric Robinson
  • Jocelyn Holden
  • John Sebesta
  • Josh Jenkins
  • Morningside Children's Partnership
  • The Great Seed Bomb
  • Tiesa Leggett, Blue Zones, LLCĀ 
  • Tim Kenny
  • William Brentlinger Seville Farms

Make a Difference Today

Contact for more information on joining our professional network.

GROWTH Partners
Three of the GROWTH Partners with two of our Agents of Change.
GROWTH Partners: [left-center] Dr. Glen Nolly, community member and retired school district assistant superintendent; [right-center] Dr. Grace Bascope, BRIT Researcher; [right] John Shepperd, Executive Director of the Texas Foundation for Conservation.