BRIT Farmers Market                                                                  


BRIT's First Saturday Farmers Markt takes place the first Saturday of each month from April-October, 8am - noon. The Market features a variety of fresh, seasonal produce from local gardens and farms, unique, locally produced specialty food items, live music and a rotating cast of food trucks. Bring the family and join us for this fresh approach to shopping local!

After you've enjoyed the market, please join us inside the building for BRIT's First Saturday programming which features hands-on educational workshops and programs, public tours of BRIT’s LEED-certified facility, Bella’s Story Time, and Plant Walks.


** BRIT's Farmers Market will return April 5th 2014. **




Our Special House Garden - A non-profit garden that provides employment for special needs people.


MarjiGee’s Kitchen  - All products are lovingly homemade and include: Peanut Brittle, Pralines, and Pickles, Relish, Jams/Jellies, Fudge, Banana Nut Bread and many varieties of cookies.


The Black Rooster Bakery  - Breads made fresh daily in the traditional way with unbleached and unbromated flours utilizing the age-old method of long fermentation which allows the flavor and nutrients to develop to their fullest. Breads contain no dough conditioners, preservatives or improvers of any kind.


Greenwood’s German Restaurant - Hand-crafted all-vegan (no dairy or fat) high fiber breads made with all natural ingredients, 100% whole grain, no preservatives or sugars.


For Goodness Sake Gluten Free Bakery - Gluten free, soy free local bakery dedicated to making healthy, tasty baked goods. Products contain flours from sorghum, gluten free oat, buckwheat, tapioca and arrowroot. The sugars are fair trade organic cane and coconut sugar, and most items are casein and egg free. Oils used include light olive oil, organic coconut oil, and organic palm shortening.


Texas Hill Country Olive Company - One of the pioneers in building a growing olive oil industry in Texas, this certified organic olive orchard provides the olives that are used to produce state-of-the-art extra virgin and infused olive oils.


Community Cultivators - A local business creating a healthy food system through education, consultation, design, installation and/or maintenance of sustainable food production systems for individuals, families, and community organizations.


Hot Tamalez - Gluten, MSG, and lard-free tamales made fresh, locally, every day. Available hot and ready to eat, or cold, vacuum-sealed for cooking later.


M/M Orchard and Farm  - M/M Orchard and Farm has evolved from primarily raising peaches and vegetables sold at local farmers markets, to focus more on organically grown vegetables, herbs and drought tolerant native Texas plants.


EMA Baking Company  - (Martin's Biscotti and Ann's Lavosh) A family-owned business whose products contain only the highest quality ingredients: cage-free eggs, imported Belgian cacao and chocolate, exotic dried fruits, and herbs and spices from all over the world with no additives or preservatives. The original biscotti recipe came from a fourteenth-century Tuscan merchant and produces a very hard and dry biscotti that's perfect for dipping in your favorite espresso.


Woodware - These unique, beautiful and locally-made serving and cutting boards are all one-of-a-kind.


Fianco a Fianco - Created by a local artisan while living in Genoa, Italy, this product line is a pesto-inspired sweet and savory shortbread cookie made with basil, traditional cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and Pinole nuts. A perfect compliment to your favorite wine.


Happy Tomato SalsaFresh salsa hand-crafted in Fort Worth from all-natural (local, when in season) ingredients and organic tomatoes. The salsa comes in three delicious choices: Original (mild, but full of flavor), Medium (the yumminess of the Original with serrano peppers to turn up the heat a bit), and Diablo (created for those who like it HOT!)


Ann's Herbals and Organics  - Utilizes products with herbal properties to formulate lotions, scrubs, balms, soaps and more in an effort to offer a more natural way to care for our bodies.


In A Pickle Foods  - Locally produced in Fort Worth. Products include pickles, preserves, jams, jellies, marmalades and syrups.


Elizabeth Anna Urban Farm  - A local grower with a license in permaculture and landscape design with a focus on inspiring others to grow organic edibles, welcoming (the thought of) farm animals into your life, being sustainable, educating, working with nature and building community.


Seed and Salvage - Small batch, locally made hot pickles, lemon confit, cactus jelly, strawberry jam and spiced hibiscus spiced tea.


AuSum Fudge - AuSum Fudge, which began as a fund raiser for the homeless, is moist and creamy and made with generous amounts of the finest ingredients. We pile on the nuts, caramel, cookies, and other ingredients because that’s the way WE like it!  We love to experiment with new flavors and textures and welcome your suggestions for a unique combination.


Ash Creek Farms - Ash Creek Farms, located in Azle, TX, is a family owned and operated business that specializes in producing the highest quality beef, chicken and eggs. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy and fresh food for you and your family.





Featured Entertainment for April 2014:

Darrin Kobetich and Ralph E. White


Featured Food Trucks for April 2014:

Flatlanders Taco Truck and Funky Town Food Truck.




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