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April 16, 2019, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Teacher Tuesdays

Program Information

Teacher Tuesday is an educator professional development program where educators come together as a community to learn from experts in environmental and plant science, STEM and from each other. These monthly sessions will provide teachers with new ideas and strategies for their classroom while creating energy through networking.



As the 4-part series, 'Who in 'The FORT' is Making an Impact', concludes, we examine common practices and misinformation about food. Dr. Gina Jarman Hill at TCU, chairman of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, presents her program, "Seed to Plate". Through this amazing program, Dr. Hill works with TCU students, staff, children, and families to plant the seed for proper nutrition and concentrate on food sustainability!

About Teacher Tuesdays

Who in 'the Fort' is Making an Impact

Join us for this series that will take participants behind the scenes to learn about local organizations driving positive change in Fort Worth. We have invited experts and leaders in environmental stewardship to share their innovative solutions to today's issues. 

Please see below for dates.

Time: 5:30-7:30 PM 

Location: BRIT 

January 22 

Becca Knutson, Community Garden Coordinator for the Tarrant Area Food Bank, presents this organization's mission and discusses how they are empowering communities to eliminate hunger by providing food, education, and resources through innovation and collaboration. 

Come share the impact!

February 19

For this month's Teacher Tuesday, Taylor Willis, Founder and Executive Director of The Welman Project will be presenting about her amazing organization. Teachers will explore The Welman Project's empowering mission to ignite creative reusing, promote environmental activism, and inspire social responsibility in local schools and nonprofits. 

March 19 

During March's Teacher Tuesday, Kelly Longfellow, an Environmental Protection Specialist for the General Service Administration, will be here to show off her super powers. She will explore the resources we use and over-use and introduce methods in becoming more environmentally sustainable. 



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