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    Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

    J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas, volume 10, number 1  (issn 1934-5259)
    Publication date: 18 Jul 2016
    Copyright (c) 2016 Botanical Research Institute of Texas


    Table of Contents

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    Euphorbia cryptorubra (Euphorbiaceae), a new species in Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce section Anisophyllum from Texas, U.S.A., and Chihuahua, Mexico

    Nathan Caleb Taylor and Martin Terry1


    A revision of native North American Humulus (Cannabaceae)

    Luke R. Tembrock, Jenna M. McAleer, and Todd M. Gilligan11


    A new name for a common and widespread species of Tabernaemontana (Apocynaceae)

    Mary E. Endress and André O. Simões31


    New combinations in Dichanthelium (Poaceae)

    Richard J. LeBlond33


    Polyploidy in Phlox nana (Polemoniaceae): Diversity and distribution of cytotypes across a desert sky island region of North America

    Bethany A. Wright, L. Alan Prather, and Carolyn J. Ferguson45


    Una especie nueva de Merremia (Convolvulaceae) del estado de Oaxaca, México

    Eleazar Carranza González y Guillermina Murguía Sánchez65


    Passiflora chimuensis, una nueva especie y primer registro de la sección Pseudoastrophea (subgénero Astrophea, Passifloraceae) en Mesoamérica

    Armando Estrada Ch., Gerardo Rivera E. y Julián Solano71


    Una nueva especie de Sobralia (Orchidaceae) de Honduras

    José L. Linares y Paul Ancalmo77


    Calathea calderon-saenzii (Marantaceae), a new attractive patterned-leaved species, endemic to Colombia

    Helen Kennedy and Marcela Serna85


    Análisis colorimétrico y morfométrico de la flor de Alstroemeria presliana (Alstroemeriaceae)

    Víctor L. Finot, Carlos M. Baeza, Eduardo Ruiz, Pedro Carrasco y Pedro S. Melín89


    Perkinsiodendron, a new genus in the Styracaceae based on morphology and DNA sequences

    Peter W. Fritsch, Xiaohong Yao, W. Brian Simison, Boni C. Cruz, and Tao Chen109


    Addendum: Taxonomy of Lantana sect. Lantana (Verbenaceae): II. Taxonomic revision

    Roger W. Sanders119




    Mimosoideae (Fabaceae) diversity and associates in Mid-Tertiary Dominican amber

    George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers121


    Lobocyclas anomala, a new genus and species of Celastraceae subfamily Hippocrateoideae in Dominican amber

    Kenton L. Chambers and George O. Poinar, Jr.—137


    Brevitrimaris arcuatus gen. & sp. nov., a monocotyledonous fossil flower from Mid-Tertiary amber deposits in the Dominican Republic

    Kenton L. Chambers and George O. Poinar, Jr.—141


    Carpantholithes, a restored generic name for Eocene fossils in Baltic amber representing an extinct lineage of Clethraceae

    George O. Poinar, Jr., Kenton L. Chambers, and Alex E. Brown147


    A primitive Mid-Cretaceous angiosperm flower, Antiquifloris latifibris gen. & sp. nov., in Myanmar amber

    George O. Poinar, Jr., Ron Buckley, and Huarong Chen155




    Michaux in Iowa (U.S.A.)? The conundrum of Platanus densicoma (Platanaceae)

    Thomas G. Lammers163




    Ficus carica (Moraceae) and Kerria japonica (Rosaceae) new to the Arkansas flora (U.S.A.), with a second record of Canna indica (Cannaceae) and the re-instatement of Nerium oleander (Apocynaceae) for the state

    James H. Peck and Brett E. Serviss169


    Additions to the flora of Florida, U.S.A. (2010–2015)

    Alan R. Franck, Loran C. Anderson, James R. Burkhalter, and Stephen Dickman175


    Cyperus richardii (Cyperaceae) new to Florida, U.S.A., and the Western Hemisphere

    Richard Carter, Randy L. Mears, Russell H. Goddard, and Charles T. Bryson191


    A floristic inventory of Collier-Seminole State Park and immediately adjacent lands (Collier County), Florida, U.S.A.

    George J. Wilder and Brenda L. Thomas201


    Vascular plants and plant communities of Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site, Ballard County, Kentucky, U.S.A.

    Ralph L. Thompson and Katrina Rivers Thompson245


    The vascular flora of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Llano and Gillespie counties, Texas, U.S.A.

    Kimberly Norton Taylor and Robert J. O'Kennon267




    In memoriam: George Pryor Johnson (20 March 1956–16 December 2015)

    Travis D. Marsico295


    In memoriam: Frances Marian Smith (10 October 1939–2 March 2016)

    Paul M. McKenzie299


    Memoria in aeterna: Stanley Galen Smith (25 March 1926–23 October 2015)

    Theodore S. Cochrane303


    INDEX to new names and new combinations in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 10(1), 2016

    • Antiquifloris Poinar & R. Buckley, gen. nov.—156
    • Antiquifloris latifibris Poinar & R. Buckley, sp. nov.—156
    • Brevitrimaris K.L. Chambers & Poinar, gen. nov.—142
    • Brevitrimaris arcuatus K.L. Chambers & Poinar, sp. nov.—142
    • Calathea calderon-saenzii H. Kenn. & M. Serna, sp. nov.—85
    • Campopetala dominicana Poinar & K.L. Chambers, gen. & sp. nov.—122
    • Dichanthelium bicknellii (Nash) LeBlond, comb. nov.—35
    • Dichanthelium filiramum (Ashe) LeBlond, comb. nov.—35
    • Dichanthelium malacon (Nash) LeBlond, comb. nov.—38
    • Dichanthelium pinetorum (Swallen) LeBlond, comb. nov.—40
    • Entada hispaniolae Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—124
    • Euphorbia cryptorubra N.C. Taylor & M. Terry, sp. nov.—2
    • Humulus lupuloides (E. Small) Tembrock, comb. & stat. nov.—24
    • Humulus pubescens (E. Small) Tembrock, comb. & stat. nov.—20
    • Lobocyclas K.L. Chambers & Poinar, gen. nov.—138
    • Lobocyclas anomala K.L. Chambers & Poinar, sp. nov.—139
    • Merremia lobulibracteata E. Carranza & G. Murguía, sp. nov.—65
    • Passiflora chimuensis A. Estrada, G. Rivera, & J. Solano, sp. nov.—72
    • Perkinsiodendron P.W. Fritsch, gen. nov.—115
    • Perkinsiodendron macgregorii (Chun) P.W. Fritsch, comb. nov.—115
    • Senegalia eocaribbeanensis Poinar & K.L. Chambers, comb. nov.—122
    • Sobralia yaninae J. Linares & P. Ancalmo, sp. nov.—77
    • Tabernaemontana glabra (Benth.) A.O. Simões & M.E. Endress, comb. nov.—31




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