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    Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

    J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas, volume 7, number 2  (issn 1934-5259)
    Publication date: 10 Dec 2013
    Copyright (c) 2013 Botanical Research Institute of Texas


    Table of Contents

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    In memory of BRIT co-founder William F. "Bill" Mahler (1930–2013)

    Various contributors615



    Four new annual species of Euphorbia section Tithymalus (Euphorbiaceae) from North America

    Mark H. Mayfield633


    Hackelia taylori (Boraginaceae), a new species from north central Washington state (U.S.A.)

    Richy J. Harrod, Lauri A. Malmquist, and Robert L. Carr649


    Una nueva especie de Sobralia (Orchidaceae) de El Salvador

    José L. Linares659


    Four new species of Columnea (Gesneriaceae) with primary distributions in Colombia

    James F. Smith, Marisol Amaya-Márquez, Oscar H. Marín-Gómez, and John L. Clark667


    New records and notes on species from Parc National Pic Macaya, Massif de la Hotte, Haiti, including a new species of Pilea (Urticaceae)

    Lucas C. Majure, Gretchen M. Ionta, J. Dan Skean, Jr., and Walter S. Judd681


    Chusquea clarkiae (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae: Chusqueinae): a new species in section Longiprophyllae from Nariño, Colombia

    Emmet J. Judziewicz and Ximena Londoño693


    The spikelet callus of Eriochloa villosa (Poaceae)

    Stephen J. Darbyshire, Marie-Josée Simard, and Robert E. Nurse697


    Changes to Potentilla rubricaulis s.l., P. hookeriana (Rosaceae), and erstwhile synonyms in Flora of North America north of Mexico

    Barbara Ertter, Reidar Elven, and David F. Murray703


    Previously unrecognized types of American Acacia species from the Torino Herbarium (TO)

    David Seigler, Laura Guglielmone, and John Ebinger713

    A nomenclatural note on Bidaria inodora and B. tingens (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae)

    Debjyoti Bhattacharyya and Lalawmkima Darlong743



    Micropetasos, a new genus of angiosperms from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber

    George O. Poinar, Jr., Kenton L. Chambers, and Joerg Wunderlich745



    Dr. Pugh's herbarium

    Alfred Traverse751



    Alpine flora of Cerro Quiexobra, Oaxaca, Mexico

    J. Andrew McDonald765


    Flora and phytogeography of Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

    Eduardo Estrada-Castillón, José Ángel Villarreal-Quintanilla, María Magdalena Salinas-Rodríguez, Humberto Rodríguez-González, Javier Jiménez-Pérez, and Mario Alberto García-Aranda771


    Flora and phytogeography of the Cañón de Iturbide, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

    María Magdalena Salinas-Rodríguez, Eduardo Estrada-Castillón, and José Ángel Villarreal-Quintanilla803


    Nuevos registros de Cactaceae y Solanaceae para el estado de Guanajuato, México

    Maricela Gómez-Sánchez, B.A. González-Hernández, Mahinda Martínez y Luis G. Hernández-Sandoval821


    Sedum salvadorense (Crassulaceae), una especie endémica y rara redescubierta para la flora de El Salvador

    Frank Sullyvan Cardoza Ruiz y José L. Linares827


    Rediscovery of Callirhoe papaver (Malvaceae) in Alabama (U.S.A.)

    Brian R. Keener and L.J. Davenport835


    Rediscovery of Persea borbonia var. borbonia (Lauraceae), Prosopis glandulosa var. glandulosa (Fabaceae), and Pinus palustris (Pinaceae) in Arkansas, with three new angiosperm species for Arkansas (U.S.A.)

    Brett E. Serviss and James H. Peck841


    A floristic inventory of Phillips and Valley counties, Montana (U.S.A.)

    Joseph L.M. Charboneau, B.E. Nelson, and Ronald L. Hartman847


    Taxonomic identity and historical accounts of Dalea cylindriceps (Fabaceae), a species of conservation concern in the Great Plains (U.S.A.)

    James H. Locklear879


    Potential distribution modeling of Penstemon oklahomensis (Plantaginaceae)

    J.A. Messick and B.W. Hoagland891


    Range expansion of Panicum repens (Poaceae) into central Texas (U.S.A.) may threaten endangered species

    Jeffrey T. Hutchinson and Robert B. Shaw901

    Annotated checklist of the vascular flora of the Wind River Range, Wyoming (U.S.A.)

    Walter F. Fertig, Robert T. Massatti, B.E. Nelson, and Ronald L. Hartman905


    INDEX to new names and new combinations in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 7(2), 2013

    Chusquea clarkiae Londoño & Judz., sp. nov.—693

    Columnea ceticeps J.L. Clark & J.F. Smith, sp. nov.—668

    Columnea ferruginea J.F. Smith & J.L. Clark, sp. nov.—671

    Columnea fractiflexa J.F. Smith & J.L. Clark, sp. nov.—673

    Columnea laciniata J.L. Clark & M. Amaya, sp. nov.—676

    Euphorbia austrotexana M.H. Mayfield, sp. nov.—634

    Euphorbia austrotexana var. carrii M.H. Mayfield, var. nov.—636

    Euphorbia georgiana M.H. Mayfield, sp. nov.—639

    Euphorbia nesomii M.H. Mayfield, sp. nov.—639

    Euphorbia ouachitana M.H. Mayfield, sp. nov.—642

    Hackelia taylori Harrod, Malmquist & Carr, sp. nov.—652

    Micropetasos G.O. Poinar, K.L. Chambers & J. Wunderlich, gen. nov.—746

    Micropetasos burmensis G.O. Poinar, K.L. Chambers & J. Wunderlich, sp. nov.—746

    Pilea vermicularis Majure, Skean & Judd, sp. nov.—688

    Sobralia paulancalmoi J. Linares, sp. nov.—659



    Reviewers for Volume 7 (2013)—941

    Index to Volume 7 (2013)—942

            Titles of Articles with Authors—942


            Botanical Names and Subjects—945

            New Names and Combinations—947



    *ViewAnnouncement: Delzie Demaree Travel Award—940




    *View* Daniel Chamovitz--What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses
    *View* George M. Diggs, Jr. & Barney L. Lipscomb--The Ferns and Lycophytes of Texas
    *View* Jon Farrar--Field Guide to Wildflowers of Nebraska and the Great Plains
    *View* Richard Stephen Felger & Benjamin Theodore Wilder--Plant Life of a Desert Archipelago: Flora of the Sonoran Islands in the Gulf of California
    *View* Jane Goodall with Gail Hudson--Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants
    *View* Kenneth D. Heil, Steve L. O'Kane, Jr., Linda Mary Reeves, & Arnold Clifford--Flora of the Four Corners Region: Vascular Plants of the San Juan River Drainage. Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah
    *View* Werner Kunz—Do Species Exist? Principles of Taxonomic Classification
    *View* Andy MacKinnon & Jim Pojar—Alpine Plants of the Northwest: Wyoming to Alaska
    *View* David Moore--Fungal Biology in the Origin and Emergence of Life
    *View* Peter Roberts & Shelley Evans--The Book of Fungi: A Life-size Guide to Six Hundred Species from Around the World
    *ViewTimothy P. Spira--Wildflowers & Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachian Mountains & Piedmont: A Naturalist's Guide to the Carolinsa, Virginia, Tennessee, & Georgia
    *View* George Yatskievych--Steyermark's Flora of Missouri, Volume 3: Dicots, Fabaceae (subfamily Faboideae) through Zygophyllaceae