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    Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

    J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas, volume 9, number 2  (issn 1934-5259)
    Publication date: 30 Nov 2015
    Copyright (c) 2015 Botanical Research Institute of Texas


    Table of Contents

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    Botrychium michiganense sp. nov. (Ophioglossaceae), a new North American moonwort

    Arthur V. Gilman, Donald R. Farrar, and Peter F. Zika—295

    Notes on Eritrichium (Boraginaceae) in North America II

    David F. Murray—311

    Change in taxonomic rank for a Hexastylis (Aristolochiaceae) taxon of the southeastern United States

    Brian R. Keener and L.J. Davenport—317

    Calathea galdamesiana (Marantaceae), a new endemic Panamanian species

    Helen Kennedy and Rodolfo Flores—319

    Casearia draganae, a new species of Samydaceae from western Colombia and Ecuador

    Mac H. Alford—325

    Irenodendron, a new genus of Samydaceae from South America

    Mac H. Alford and Angela D. Dement—331

    New species of Senegalia (Fabaceae) from South America

    David S. Seigler and John E. Ebinger—335

    Nautilocalyx rugosus (Gesneriaceae), a new species from the río Cenepa watershed (Amazonas, Peru)

    Rocio del P. Rojas G. and John L. Clark—345

    Corrigendum: New combinations in Coryphantha and Escobaria (Cactaceae)

    Root Gorelick—351




    Pseudhaplocricus hexandrus gen. et sp. nov. (Commelinaceae) in Mid-Tertiary Dominican amber

    George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers—353

    Comopellis presbya gen. et sp. nov. (Rhamnaceae) in Mid-Tertiary amber from the Dominican Republic

    Kenton L. Chambers and George O. Poinar, Jr.—361

    Klaprothiopsis dyscrita gen. et sp. nov. (Loasaceae) in Mid-Tertiary Dominican amber

    George O. Poinar, Jr., Maximilian Weigend, and Tilo Henning—369

    Addendum: Prioria dominicana sp. nov. (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae), a fossil flower in Mid-Tertiary Dominican amber

    George O. Poinar, Jr. and Kenton L. Chambers—381




    Breeding system and sex ratio variation in mulberries (Morus, Moraceae)

    Madhav P. Nepal, Carolyn J. Ferguson, and Mark H. Mayfield—383




    From Cro-Magnon to Kral: A history of botany in Alabama

    L.J. Davenport—397




    Birch (Betula, Betulaceae) bark horns and similar instruments in Norway

    Torbjørn Alm—433




    First collection of Miconia alainii (Melastomataceae: Miconieae) with flowers

    Walter S. Judd, Teodoro Clase, and Lucas C. Majure—449

    Asteraceae en el Durazno y cercanías, norte de Tamazula, Durango (México): Riqueza, distribución y endemismo

    David Ramírez Noya y Yolanda Herrera Arrieta—453

    Redescubrimiento de Desmodium angustifolium (Fabaceae) en El Salvador

    Pablo Galán—471

    Arachis glabrata (Fabaceae) new to the flora of Louisiana, U.S.A.

    Charles M. Allen—475

    New co-occurrence of Schoenoplectiella hallii and S. saximontana (Cyperaceae) in Ohio (U.S.A): Conservation implications for both species

    Paul M. McKenzie, Daniel W. Boone, Marian Smith, and Richard L. Gardner—477

    A checklist of vascular plants at the Gulf-shoreline extent of coastal prairie in southeast Texas

    David J. Rosen, Siavash Zamirpour, and Andrew Sipocz—485




    In memoriam: Robert R. “Bob” Kowal (23 April 1939–3 August 2015)

    Theodore S. Cochrane—493



    INDEX to new names and new combinations in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 9(2), 2015

    Botrychium michiganense W.H. Wagner ex A.V. Gilman, Farrar, & Zika, sp. nov.—300
    Calathea galdamesiana H. Kenn. & R. Flores, sp. nov.—319
    Casearia draganae M.H. Alford, sp. nov.—325
    Comopellis K.L. Chambers & Poinar, gen. nov.—363
    Comopellis presbya K.L. Chambers & Poinar, sp. nov.—364
    Coryphantha sneedii var. orcuttii (Boed.) Gorelick, comb. et stat. nov.—351
    Hexastylis harperi (Gaddy) B.R. Keener & L.J. Davenp., comb. et stat. nov.—317
    Irenodendron M.H. Alford & Dement, gen. nov.—332
    Irenodendron coriaceum (Spruce ex Benth.) M.H. Alford & Dement, comb. nov.—333
    Irenodendron cupulatum (Spruce ex Benth.) M.H. Alford & Dement, comb. nov.—332
    Irenodendron ovalifolium (Macbride) M.H. Alford & Dement, comb. nov.—333
    Klaprothiopsis Poinar, Weigend, & Henning, gen. nov.—370
    Klaprothiopsis dyscrita Poinar, Weigend, & Henning, sp. nov.—370
    Nautilocalyx rugosus R. Rojas & J.L. Clark, sp. nov.—345
    Pseudhaplocricus Poinar & K.L. Chambers, gen. nov.—354
    Pseudhaplocricus hexandrus Poinar & K.L. Chambers, sp. nov.—354
    Senegalia duartei Seigler & Ebinger, sp. nov.—336
    Senegalia noblickii Seigler & Ebinger, sp. nov.—338
    Senegalia phillippei Seigler & Ebinger, sp. nov.—340




    Reviewers for Volume 9 (2015)503

    Titles of Articles with Authors503


    Botanical Names and Subjects505

    New Names and Combinations507




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