Planting spring bulbs in the fall is as natural as falling leaves and football games. It is an opportunity neglected by the home gardener, if he/she doe not include some of the hardy, easy to grow spring beauties in the garden next fall. Bulbs are truly some of the simplest of flowers to grow, easy to care for and inexpensive. All they ask is a fall planting in 2018 and they will reward the grower with weeks of early spring color, fragrance and beauty. In general, good bulbs produce flowers the first season after planting as the flower buds are already formed when the bulbs are purchased and planted for 2019 spring.

About TCU Extended Education in the Garden

BRIT and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden are pleased to partner with TCU Extended Education to engage, educate, and enlighten the  the Fort Worth community through high quality courses that take place in the Garden.