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What is Green Revolution?

Green Revolution is an ESTEM (Environmental, Science, Technology, Engineering, and math) and positive youth-development program that provides environmental education experiences that sustain the natural curiosity of youth. Program participants (i.e. Agents of Change) are immersed in formative experiences during out-of-school time hours to advance their environmental stewardship, personal development, and civic engagement. In its fifth year of operation, the Green Revolution program develops Agents of Change through five core competencies: mentoring and motivating youth to own their opportunities; actively engaging the tenets of environmental scholarship, stewardship, and service; providing developmental and appropriately challenging learning experiences; and cultivating a contagiously deliberate value system of GROWTH (grit, responsibility, outdoors, wellbeing, teamwork, and hope).

What is an Agent of Change?

Agents of Change are the students participating in GR. We belong, are capable, and make a difference.

Why orange?

Orange is unique, it’s one of the only words in the English language that does not rhyme with another word. Similarly, Agents are unique in their ability to make a difference. The GR motto “growing self to grow community,” follows the idea that if you take a seed from an Orange fruit you can plant it and grow orchards.


GROWTH is our value system: Grit, Response-Ability, Outdoor, Well-Being, Teamwork, and Hope.

Why is service important?

GROWTH to Give is our mission and it reminds us to share our GROWTH with others in the community.

Why Green Revolution?

Access to quality enrichment learning environments that are structured and supervised during the after-school hours are critical for many of Fort Worth’s children. Research shows that children are more susceptible to low academic performance, reduced social-skill and decision making development, and delinquent activities during out-of-school time hours.

Green Revolution addresses the need for safe and enriching student-environments during out-of-school time hours by delivering ESTEM educational experiences informed by the research-based best practices in environmental education, positive youth-development (PYD), and out-of-school time programming. Access to quality ESTEM and PYD learning environments prepares its students (i.e. Agents of Change) for solving convoluted issues that affect them and their communities, and for future success in our complex and changing world.

How to join?

The Green Revolution program is available for returning Agents and interested students attending participating schools (Morningside M.S., Leadership Academy at Forest Oak, & O.D. Wyatt H.S.).

If you are interested in joining Green Revolution, please complete the Enrollment Form today! For additional inquiries about the program, please contact jwilliams@brit.org.

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