Ashley Bordelon

Herbarium Collections Assistant

B.S. in Biology, University of Alabama

Ashley grew up in the creeks and forests around DFW, but truly discovered her passion for the environment while obtaining her Biology degree at the University of Alabama. While in Tuscaloosa, she worked at the University’s herbarium focusing on digitizing specimens. After graduation, she wanted to continue working with plants and was elated to have found a position at BRIT to do just that. In 2017, Ashley started off as a summer intern until an opportunity opened up as a collections assistant for the recently acquired University of Louisiana at Monroe (NLU) herbarium collection of roughly 470,000 specimens. Over the course of a year and a half, Ashley was responsible for curating and ensuring the security and accessibility collection. Beginning in 2019, Ashley accepted the position of Herbarium Collections Assistant and is now responsible for managing herbarium volunteers and activities as well as assisting with all aspects of curation for the BRIT/SMU, VDB, and NLU collections.