Myknee Sirikolo

    BRIT Research Associate

    Certificate in Biodiversity Conervation Science, University of the South Pacific, Fiji
    International Diploma in Botanic Gardens Management, School of Horticulture, Jodrell Biochemical Laboratory, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, England
    International Diploma in Herbarium Techniques and Curation, International Herbarium School, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, England
    Diploma in Environmental Education, University of the South Pacific, Solomon Islands
    Advanced Certificate in Forestry Science, School of Natural Resources, Solomon Islands College of Higher Education

    Myknee has been working to update the biodiversity taxonomy of the Solomon Islands. He has held a variety of positions such as the director and curator of the Solomon Islands Herbarium, an educator and special lecturer at local training centers as well as universities, and Forestry and Conservation officer with the World Wide Fund for Nature. He was integral in working with the Solomon Islands government to assist in the renovation process of the old herbarium building.  This was essential for the proper preservation of the flora of this area.  Due to the state of the herbarium, Myknee helped in the translocation of about 20,000 specimens from the Solomon Islands to the South Pacific Regional Herbarium in Fiji for proper storage.

    He is an advisor to a collaborative botanical project between the Solomon Islands Ministry of Forestry and a Japanese University to help secure funds for improvement of the Honiara herbarium facilities, renovation process, and plant specimen collections.  Myknee was responsible for establishing ten locally managed Forest Protected Areas in some of the islands and undertakes environmental impact studies and biodiversity assessments through the Solomon Islands.  Besides working on the Solomon Islands biodiversity, Myknee has been working to improve the database on biodiversity, train new staff, and assist with the curation of the herbarium.  He is currently building a collaborative network to assist in developing a collection of digital images of Solomon Island specimens that are in herbaria around the world.