Norman C. Melvin, Ph.D.

    BRIT Research Associate

    Ph. D. in Botany & Plant Systematics, Miami University, Oxford
    Master of Botany, Clemson University
    Bachelor of  Science, Presbyterian College

    Norman has lead a team of wetland specialists (biologist, soil scientist, hydraulic engineer) to develop and address technology issues for wetland science. This unit is the NRCS lead for all wetland technology in both Wetland Regulations and Wetland Restoration.  Activities of the team include (but not limited to) development of wetland restoration/enhancement/creation/ construction/ mitigation techniques nationally, develop national wetland technical standards, develop mitigation wetland mitigation ratios for wetland impacts, wetland functional assessment methodology, application of wetland identification and delineation for Swampbuster (part of the National Food Security Act of 1985, as amended), development of technical notes and manuals for wetland activity, develop & provide formal wetland training for NRCS nationally (restoration, soils, hydrology tools, delineation), and provide direct technical assistance to states on complex wetland issues.

    In this position he is also personally responsible for the content and instruction of the USFWS Wetland Plant ID two-course sequence, nationally.  He is responsible for the development of technical notes on botanical issues and invasive plant species in wetlands and provide the agency with policy recommendations as to Swampbuster implementation and methodology. Norman has many intererst in the plant world, but his main love and interest lie with the genus Leucothoe (Ericaceae).

    Phone: 817.509.3572