Robert M. Denkhaus

    BRIT Research Associate

    B.S. in Wildlife Biology and Management, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

    Rob has been the Natural Resource Manager for the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge ( since 2005.  His work, like the Refuge, is highly diverse and ranges from land management activities such as prescribed burning, reclamation of former sand and gravel pits, and care and management of a captive bison herd employed as a land management tool to wildlife research and monitoring activities such as annual deer and alligator surveys, wild pig control, a long term wildlife population monitoring program using trail cameras, and a quest to document the presence of swamp rabbits on the Refuge.

    As an adjunct faculty member in the Texas Christian University Environmental Science program, Rob’s teaching and research interests center on wildlife’s place in the human-dominated landscape.  He is also Director of the Teaming With Wildlife: True To Texas coalition ( which strives to increase support of the state’s conservation efforts through the Texas Conservation Action Plan.  Rob also is co-founder and editor of the Post Oak & Prairie Journal ( ), a peer-edited quarterly publication designed to provide a venue for local professional and amateur naturalists/researchers to make their findings accessible to the local conservation community.

    Phone: 817.392.7422