Gisella S. Cruz-Garcia, Ph.D.

    BRIT Research Associate

    Ph.D. in Production Ecology and Resource Conservation, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
    M.Sc. in Management of Agro-ecological Knowledge and Social Change, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
    B.Comm. in Food and Business, Zuyd University, the Netherlands
    B.Sc. in Biology, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru

    Gisella is a social scientist and biologist with expertise in the human dimensions of agro-ecosystems and natural resources, including agro-biodiversity conservation, bio-cultural diversity, food security, sustainable agro-ecosystems and livelihoods, and ethnobiology. She works at the Decision and Policy Analysis Program of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT-CGIAR), where she conducts research on the human dimensions of ecosystem services, with emphasis on food security and nutritional diversity. She worked as lecturer at the Social Sciences Department of Wageningen University for more than two years.

    Gisella’s dissertation, conducted under the auspices of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), focused on the seasonal consumption of wild food plants by vulnerable rice farming families in Northeast Thailand, where these plants constitute a ‘rural safety net’ especially during lean seasons. She also developed a theoretical and analytical framework, supported by multi-facetted empirical evidence, on the spatial and seasonal complementarity of anthropogenic ecosystems and sub-systems, aimed at understanding the implications of wild plant gathering for the food security of poor farming households. She is the first ever UNESCO – L’ORÉAL Young Women in Sciences fellow for the Europe-North America Region awarded to The Netherlands (2007) and was profiled as an up and coming young scientist in Science magazine in 2009: Romance of Biodiversity.

    Phone: +57 2 4450000 ext. 3529