Connie Johnson

    Executive Assistant/Human Resource Manager

    B.A. English Literature, Sonoma State University

    Growing up in Washington State, the woods around her home were Connie Johnson’s playground and land of imagination, leading to her true affinity with plants. She came to BRIT in 2013 as a new resident of Texas by way of New Mexico, Colorado, New England, and Northern California. She and her family have no plans to move again and she’s working to incorporate “ya’ll” into her daily language. As an avid animal (especially dogs) and nature lover, and mother of a young daughter, Connie enjoys working for an organization that promotes the value of plants and cares about sustainability and saving the planet for future generations.

    Connie is an accomplished administrator who brings people and leadership skills to BRIT along with experience working in government, corporate environments, and with non-profit agencies, making her the ideal Executive Assistant and Human Resource Manager for BRIT. Her communication and interpersonal skills contribute to organizational synergy, and encourage mutual trust and respect. She collaborates with, and provides support for the senior leadership team, works closely with board members, and enjoys helping staff and management work through growth, changes, and challenges. 


    Direct: 817.546.1843
    Phone: 817.332.4441, ext. 224
    Fax: 817.332.4112