Philip Barbour, Ph.D.

    BRIT Research Associate

    Ph. D. in Forest Ecology (Wildlife Ecology) Mississippi State University, Mississippi State (2006)
    M.S. in  Crop Physiology/Plant Pathology (Weed Science), Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (1984)
    B.S. in Botany, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (1979)

    Philip is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Core Team Biologist responsible for 15 states in the Central Region (ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, TX, LA, AR, MO, IA, MN, WI, IL, IN, MI). In this position he also represents NRCS on the Regional Panel of the National Wetland Plant List for the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain.  He is also an instructor to NRCS wetland delineators on National Food Security Act Wetland Identification, Determination, and Delineation policy and procedures with particular expertise on plant identification.

    Philip is a Certified Wildlife Biologist with The Wildlife Society since 2011. He has worked as a Natural Resources Specialist with NRCS in the Greenwood, MS Area IV office; as Acting Manager at the Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center, Coffeeville, MS; as a Soil Conservationist in the Leflore County Field Office, Greenwood, MS; as a Wildlife Biologist with the National Agricultural Wildlife Conservation Center, and as a Wildlife Biologist with the Ecological Sciences Service Unit, Madison, MS.

    Philip lives in Mississippi on his corn/soybean farm while also working and living in Fort Worth, TX. Avocations include birding and botanizing. Prior extensive plant collecting in Peru, S.A. through collaboration with LSU and the Missouri Botanical Garden has resulted in 48 taxa new to science of which seven species are named in his honor

    Central National Technology Support Center USDA NRCS
    501 W. Felix St., FWFC, Bldg. 23, Fort Worth, TX 76115

    Phone: 817-509-3225
    Fax: 817-509-3337
    Cell: 817-320-2095